What We Do

End to End Automation

Since its inception in 1999, SRIT has striven for excellence and thoroughness in the IT sector, with the goal to harness the potential technology has to permeate an industry and transform it at every level. We focus on verticals where large-scale operations and process lifecycles can be streamlined via a single technology, thereby enabling that domain to accomplish exponentially more than it was previously capable of doing.

As such our primary focus is on transforming industries such as healthcare, governance and telecom. Instead of focusing on digital automation of micro-processes or niche functions, we believe that it is far more effective to target large important nodes such as healthcare and government, and service and automate them from start to finish, such that their benefits ripple out to a far greater number of people in a much shorter span of time, thereby transforming an entire city, an entire state, and even an entire country in leaps and bounds.

Our focus on these few major industries has also enabled us to truly understand and internalize the functioning of these larger systems. We’ve studied how these systems have evolved over the years and it has helped us grasp the nuances and the pain points these sectors face in their day-to-day as well as long term functioning. Maintaining long-term steady relationships with these sectors gives us the ability to constantly improve and refine our solutions and adapt them to the changing landscapes of these industries.

Managing your IT

Our solutions are designed to enhance business process competitiveness and are based on state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading practices. They include end-to-end enterprise implementation, application management and beyond-ERP initiatives that promise to enhance organizational performance. Providing top-to-bottom software solutions for domains as vast as healthcare, government and telecom naturally results in large software suites with hundreds of features to service every rung of the ladder, and the management of such a suite is a task in itself. But we don’t believe in simply handing over our solutions; that’s only half the job. We believe in ensuring that the solutions not only work technically, but also practically. IT management is a job in itself and without the time or the effort, the right software might only be used at a fraction of its actual potential. We are committed to providing the infrastructure and frameworks to manage our clients’ IT services for them if they are not in a position to do so themselves, ensuring that our clients are always running on full steam all the time.

From a Corporate Governance perspective

Following a comprehensive assessment of SRIT’s Board of Directors composition & integrity, business planning, commitment towards shareholders, customer complaints/incidents, quality management, risk management, financial reporting management system, financial reporting system, compliance to trade laws, and fair competition, From the German “TUV Rheinland” Corporate Governance Assessment Agency rated SRIT with a 4-star rating, meaning 4 on a scale of 5 equivalent to Level-4 maturity. SRIT’s score on all aspects of corporate governance including BoD composition & integrity, quality & risk management, information security management, financial reporting management system, financial reporting system, compliance to trade laws, product safety & fair competition is 5/5 representing a cumulative average score of 96.9%.

From a Quality Management perspective

SRIT is assessed & certified for CMMi-5, SEI CMM-5 & SSE CMM-5. We are certified for ISO 27001, ISO 20000 & ISO 9001. We subject ourselves to periodic audits of our processes.

Milestone Deliveries

  • 15th year partnership with Fortune 1000 class companies such as the 125 year old German Process & Quality major TUV Rheinland AG. Enterprise Class Software deliveries were made for their German, Japanese, American, Chinese, Spanish and worldwide operations. Several software projects delivered, worth multi-million dollars.

  • SRIT has delivered multi-million dollars worth enterprise-class software projects to the world-renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

  • Over 20 million dollars of software deliveries to Fortune 1000 class customers in the MEA geography such as Bahrain Telecommunications BSC, the national telecoms provider for the State of Bahrain, Billing Components AG, Welcare Hospitals, and Telecom Technologies LLC,

  • Five years of Software deliveries for the Fortune 500 American Baxter International in the United States, and its 115 facilities across 49 countries.


Corporate Overview

SRIT India Private Ltd.
Established in 1999
Headquartered in Bangalore, India
Projects completed in over 21 countries
Customers across Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Fortune 1000 Class Clients

Key Personnel

Founder Promoters

  • Shri. PNC Menon
  • Dr. Lawrence Zimmerman
  • Dr. Madhu Nambiar

Investors post FY 2010—2011 restructuring of shareholders :

  • Investors of Ojus Healthcare, A Birla (BSEL) Subsidiary
  • Shree Balaji & Bansal Enterprises
  • PC Martin & Krishna Kumar
  • Prasaktha Nambiar & Liny Martin

Principal Stakeholders

  • PC Martin
  • Krishna Kumar A
  • Prasaktha Nambiar
  • Pradeep Patil
  • Harish Kumar M
  • Srikanth S
  • John Joshy
  • Prabhath Gopalakrishna
  • Anuj Kumar


  • Ram Kumar
  • Narendra Kumar
  • Ganapathy B B
  • Manesh George
  • Asgarulla Khan
  • Ravi Babu C N
  • Manohar R
  • Tharian S

Executive Directors

  • Jiten Goradia
  • Debi Prasad Mishra
  • Ramakrishnan R
  • Rajesh Ponnan
  • Rani Paruchuri