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At a Glance


What are we solving?

The need of the hour today, in an age where information is increasingly becoming democratized, is to enable effortlessness and transparency between a government and its citizens. With technology, we have the potential to manifest that vision, allowing citizens to easily access the services and information they are entitled to. Automation of bureaucratic operations allows scaling to happen faster and more efficiently, thereby reaching more number of people in less time. Automation better enables the country to manage its vast and diverse population and service its citizens effectively.


Enterprise-wide Solution for Universities, Higher Education Institutions, and Colleges

SRIT has implemented Enterprise-wide Electronic Governance Software for Universities and Higher Education Institutes. These implementations have ensured real-time information at the click of a button, providing key datapoints for faster decision-making. These implementations have also ensured instant availability of in-depth information on the health of your Educational Institution.

Our software implementations have enabled Institutions to implement new ordinances mandated by the Government to promote interdisciplinary learning. We have eased the burden of your IT infrastructure by running your software applications on Cloud. We build, deploy and manage your applications across a global network of data centres.

  • Together with our Educational SPV partner, we have automated more than 30 Central, State Universities & other Educational Institutions.

  • We Monitor Academics and Examination activities for several institutions.

  • We have built-in BI & Analytics with interactive dashboards for trend forecasting.

  • Built and deployed several eGovernance applications to cater to all kind of automation needs.

  • Our software solution helps integrate all departments of a University making it easier to monitor, track and evaluate the efficiency of each function and department, down to the lowest-ranked official.

  • Manages and processes large amounts of information in real-time for faster decision making.

  • Provides keen insights and predictive analysis for forecasting trends in Higher Education.

  • It is a complete Knowledge Management System.

Overview of our Software Solution

Our Integrated University Management System (IUMS) provides real-time information processing and knowledge management. It is an integrated solution that facilitates the processing and maintenance of large volumes of information – including student, faculty, transport, staff details, and payroll and student fees among various departments in an institution.

IUMS practically covers the entire area of operations and automation of the university. The system not only helps in daily operations of the university, but also provides the foundation to foster research and development on e-learning methodologies. IUMS is powered with user-friendly reports and user-interface thereby ensuring maximum user efficiency. The main focus is on the integration of different departments for better university administration.

Business Case

The client was a government-sponsored university located hundreds of miles away from the city, in remote area. The campus was spread across an area measuring hundreds of acres and included several different colleges and faculties. Due to the location and extent of the campus, information flow between departments and faculties was very slow and inefficient. Therefore, the client wanted a centralized database accessible by staff, teachers, students and management. The main objectives of the application were:

  • Improve interaction among different departments

  • Easy access to information

  • Increase transparency & efficiency

  • Convenient and cost-effective administration

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Minimize cost

  • Better delivery of services

  • Increase credibility and goodwill

Challenges Faced

  • The remote location of university posed challenge in elicitation process

  • Different departments used different standards and processes

  • Huge database of employees and their personal/financial details needed to be created

  • Application data security concerns to be addressed as confidential financial data was involved

  • The IT infrastructure and internet connection was not dependable and maintenance was slow

  • Some facilities did not have any IT resource or proper internet connection

  • The end users were not trained in IT and were reluctant to adapt to a new system

  • Tight deadlines were to be followed for delivery of application

Our Approach

We setup an elicitation team on site to co-ordinate with offsite development team for requirement gathering. An agile methodology was followed for development so that feedbacks could be analysed and changes were incorporated quickly. All stakeholders were engaged and a common minimum format was collated. The existing infrastructure of the university was analysed and all options evaluated.


We developed the application using framework and content management system for rapid development and easy update. The user interface was kept minimal and simple. The application was integrated with the university’s website for seamless navigation. User roles and access permissions were defined and application was hosted on client’s server with encryption and firewall for enhanced data security. Various utilities were created for creating database and security measures were incorporated. Some application modules were to be hosted on intranet and others online based on availability of resource and infrastructure. Trainings and demonstrations for staff was organized and elaborative manuals were created for handholding.

Our software solution covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through to degree completion. In addition, university administration are able to manage the back-office processes of the institution such as Accounting, Personnel Management, Payroll Management and Inventory in an integrated real time manner.

Our software solution provides all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a university management at any point in time and thus allows the management to focus on quality education more, back office process less. Our solution offers efficiency to core operations like Admission, Result Processing, Registration, Fee Management etc. It saves time, requires less resource and provide coherence among the departments.

The application encompasses business intelligence enabled web based ERP product for effectively managing complete university functions including real time information processing and knowledge management. The application practically covers the entire area of operations and automation of the various university functions via modular categories such as Student Lifecycle Management, Administration Process, Financial Management, HRMS and Operations. It is an integrated system that facilitates processing of large volumes of information in its subsystems, which includes but not limited to; Engineering, Inventory, Asset,, Facility, Transport, Library, Establishment, Payroll and Student fees among various departments in the institutions. The application also acts as the foundation and collaborative platform to foster Research and Education Delivery including eLearning methodologies.

Our software solution is deployed in Central Universities, State Universities, Technical Universities, Veterinary Universities, Agricultural Universities, Private /Deemed Universities, National Research establishments and their Affiliated Colleges & Institutions.


The Government Automation Suite

With our solution suite, we treat the government as a service provider, and through our eGovernance solution, citizens can avail of government services in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner. Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services will encompass all the services that the Government is delivering to its citizens. Our G2C solutions aim at citizen centric services, automating in various operations such as the following:

  • Issue of Certificates/Permits

  • Ration Cards

  • Passports

  • Payment of Bills and taxes

  • Issue of driving licenses

  • Registration of motor vehicles

  • Registration and transfer of properties

  • FIR Registration

  • End to End Municipal and Urban Local Body Governance Solution

  • Building Plan Automation for all ULBs, Municipal Commissionerate, up until Villages

  • . . . and much more

We also develop solutions for Government-to-Government (G2G) and Government-to-Business (G2B) operations, thus making our suite a one-stop shop for all bureaucratic services and operations.

eGovernance Projects

Major Governmental Projects being executed during the current year

  • SRIT in consortium with BEL & RailTel is putting-up INR.1610cr ~US$230mill Optical-Fibre-Network for a Southern State. SRIT’s portion of work-execution is valued INR.556 cr ~US$80mill.

  • SRIT in consortium with a PSU is executing a 1000cr ~US$143mill Telecom BSS project. SRIT’s portion of work-execution is valued ~INR400cr ~US$47mill.

  • SRIT in consortium with RailTel is executing Statewide Area Network for a Southern State, Project K-SWAN.

  • SRIT in consortium with RailTel is setting up a network of Smart Elements in Pune City.

Some of the recently delivered projects

  • Country-wide enterprise eGovernance solution for the Central Ministry of Environment & Forest ICFRE

  • State Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG) for State of Goa

  • State-wide eDistrict for Odisha State

  • End to end Revenue Cycle Management for BSNL

  • Revenue Cycle Management including OSS, BSS & NMS for RailTel’s High Speed Broadband System

  • Govt of India, Ministry of Agriculture PQIS

  • IRCTC Portal re-engineering

  • Utility Billing System & Mobile Apps for Jharkhand State Electricity Board

  • Vehicle Tracking System with integrated GPS for Jharkhand Municipal

  • Network Infrastructure Backbone for the BastarNet Project in the CG Govt

Some of the recently delivered eGovernance Projects for Universities & Educational Institutions

  • Integrated University & College Management Solution (IUMS) for PDKV, Akola University and its affiliated colleges, with user base of more than 8000 concurrent users

  • ERP for Tripura Institute of Technology

  • UMS for Bihar Chanakya Law University

  • ERP for Translational Health Science and Technology Institute

As the Managed Service Provider for NICSI

  • Executing 28 software projects pan India

As the Managed Service Provider for RailTel

  • 4 Managed Service Provider Projects dealing with 3 Southern States and one Western State

33 Governmental projects already commissioned

  • SRIT has implemented 33 eGovernance projects. Some of the ongoing eGovernance projects are the ~INR 3300mill equivalent to ~US$50mill (5 year duration) end to end enterprise automation project; District automation for a State with 30 districts, the State-wide Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG) project, the West Bengal state-wide healthcare implementation project, the ESIC country-wide enterprise governance program implementation for their 2220 operating directorates across the country.

  • SRIT has commissioned state-wide eDistrict project for all 30 districts in the State of Odisha. Scope of work was turnkey, end to end implementation including design, development, testing & deployment of this mission mode enterprise-class software. Scope of work published in the Government’s 6th August 2013 work order was to roll-out the enterprise-wide application (which SRIT designed & developed) for 103 counties/Tahsils by the end of 2014, and 230 counties/Tahsils by end of the following year. Scope of work also included training 840 government officials & 5000 Citizen Service Centers(CSC’s) operators across all 30 districts of Odisha State. SRIT trained 2912 government officials & 1138 CSC operators.

Governmental IT projects include end to end Enterprise Solution for major Government directorates

  • Government Enterprise Solution deployments included financials, accounting, budgeting & planning, supply & procurement, fixed asset & enterprise asset management, electronic document management, HRMS & Payroll. Notable enterprise-class eGov projects commissioned include the One-Day-Governance project; the national Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS) for the Central Ministry of Agriculture; an end-to-end enterprise-wide eGov system for the Central Ministry of Environment & Forests, enterprise System for the National Minerals Development Corporation (NMDC), a central government PSU. For a country such as Bhutan, we have deployed Police Automation; agricultural department automation including plant quarantine information system (PQIS), Agricultural Services Network (AgriNet) and Agricultural Marketing System (AgriMark), building and deploying electronic office. These orders/contract came from Government of India, and the end-customer was the Government of Bhutan.

Seven ongoing Telecom OSS & BSS Projects

  • SRIT is currently executing 7 projects including BSNL (national telecoms provider) and RailTel Corporation (Railway Ministry)

Selection as Class-A Systems Integrator by 6 Governmental Organizations

    The Haryana government Department of IT Hartron chose SRIT as its Class-A Systems Integration Partner.

  • Department of IT National Informatics Centre (NIC) and Ministry of Defence IT Directorate has empanelled SRIT as its Systems Integrators.

  • RailTel-Ministry of Railways chose SRIT as its Managed Service Provider for software & IT solutions for their RailWire national roll-out, responsible for revenue & partner management systems, BSS-OSS systems & network management systems. The contract is ongoing for another 7 years.

  • ICSIL which is a joint-venture between Govt of India TCIL & Delhi Govt’s DSIIDC chose SRIT as their class-A category Software & Portal Development partner as well as their Turnkey Solutions partner.

  • Government of India oldest PSU M/s. ITI Limited empanelled SRIT as its eHealth implementer.

  • SRIT deployed its InterConnect Software Suite in BSNL in 2005 and has since been managing all four zones of the national telecoms service provider of the country. The InterConnect Software Suite does the Inter-Operator GSM tariffing, rating, billing, customer-care, customer administration & accounting, reconciliation & settlements. In excess of 4 billion call data records (CDRs) are processed by SRIT’s InterConnect Software Suite within six hours, every single day of the year.

  • ~510 software engineers of SRIT are assigned to eGovernance projects.

Telecoms MSP

  • SRIT’s product suite RConverge and RConnect are deployed on long-term contracts for GoI national service providers such as BSNL (GSM) and RailTel Corporation (RailWire high-speed broadband services). While SRIT does the revenue, billing, partner, subscriber, operations, and network management at the national level for RailTel’s RailWire high-speed broadband service, SRIT does the Inter-Operator tariffing, rating, billing, customer-care, accounting, reconciliations, and settlement for the national telecoms service provider BSNL. The project scope includes facility management services too.

BI and Data Management

  • SRIT works with BI and Data Management tools from Technology providers such as SAS, MicroSoft, Oracle and IBM.


Managing your IT

Managing a software solution is the job of the IT provider, and not the customer. As such, we don’t simply leave you with a new and unfamiliar technology to adapt to, no matter how expansive or useful its features may be. Not only do we provide comprehensive frameworks and training that help smoothly integrate our solutions with both your systems and your staff, when required, we also employ and manage a full time IT staff to take care of your systems for you.