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SRIT in Healthcare

The world's first end-to-end healthcare
solution that combines clinical operations,
medical imaging, administration, back office
and hospital ERP within a single suite.

Enterprise ICT systems for 8,800 hospitals in 18 countries

Enterprise ICT systems for 8,800 hospitals in 18 countries

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What are we solving?

One of the biggest problems with healthcare today is that healthcare systems are not integrated and don’t speak to each other. It takes healthcare providers a great deal of time, effort and money to fix the issues that arise from disparate softwares that are incompatible with one another, each having their own set of requirements to meet. The industry is in great need of an integrated end-to-end solution that not only looks after clinical care and support, but also encompasses all connected functions such as medical imaging, administration and finance, ERP and more. And we nurture the vision to develop and provide these solutions because we believe healthcare professionals need to focus on what’s most important: patient care.


The RHES Suite

RHES (Renaissance Healthcare Enterprise Suite) is a comprehensive Healthcare Information Management System dedicated to managing the automation needs of virtually every segment of your healthcare environment. Ours is one of the only end-to-end solutions that is capable of both retrieving and disseminating patient-specific clinical and financial data across the entire healthcare enterprise.


At a Glance

Administrative | Clinical Support | Clinical/EHR | Imaging/PACS | LIS/Transfusion | Pharmacy/Dietary | Finance and Accounts | HR & Payroll

400 Integrated Modalities and Equipment

Zero Human Intervention.

100% Platform Agnostic

Works with all systems: OS, DB, Browsers, Devices and more..

10+ Specialty Clinic Flows and Equipment

Cardiology, Ophthalmology, OBG, Physiotherapy, IVF and more..

100% Compliancy


Why is RHES Unique?

Hospitals do not require to invest in 3rd party Middleware licenses or Operating System licenses or Database licenses. The architecture of “RHES” is such that the Middleware can be open-source tools such as Tomcat - also runs on Jboss, Websphere etc.; Open-source Operating Systems like Ubuntu - also runs on Redhat Enterprise Linux-RHEL or MS 2012; and open-source Database like MySQL - other MySQL versions such as InnovaDB, Percona etc. What makes the system further unique is its open-source BPMN 2 compliant workflow component JBPM, open-source rules engine like Drools, and open-source forms designer which enables users to design all their clinical forms. Hospitals can also do away with all expenditure on infrastructure software. Feature-wise and functionality-wise, the system is rich. Both HAAD & DHA are catered as configurations in the application.

Future Roadmap

RHES has been successfully implemented in several hospitals in India and overseas. RHES is being used by an increasing number of physicians and nurses across the world. Within months of SRIT’s “RHES” implementation (end to end HIS and Hospital ERP), the Int’l Modern Hospital Group with 17 other hospitals across 4 countries got rated at HIMSS 5.2 level (digital hospital) and the Most Improved Hospital by EMRAM (the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model). Prior to “RHES” implementation, IMH was in the second stage with a scoring of HIMSS 2.4. These implementation sites also address healthcare provider and payer side integrations including insurance and third-party-administrator-claims management modules. As RHES grows, we intend to develop it to further bridge the gap between patient and physician, bringing healthcare closer to homes, integrating with mobile devices, creating frameworks for remote care and harnessing the growing potential of machine learning and data analytics to deliver precision care..

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Managing your IT

It is our belief that healthcare professionals must be allowed to focus all their attention on patient care. As such, we don’t simply leave you with a new and unfamiliar technology to adapt to, no matter how expansive or useful its features may be. Not only do we provide comprehensive frameworks and training that help smoothly integrate our solutions with both your systems and your staff, when required we also employ a full time IT staff to manage your systems for you.

Healthcare Successes

  • SRIT has implemented HIS/HMS software solution for hospitals in 17 countries including America and India.

  • In India, SRIT does end to end software management for about 5000 hospitals & health centres.

  • SRIT is, by far, the oldest Indian player in the health systems. Our health & safety systems practice started in 1999 and the very first development & global deployment project was for the American Fortune 500 Baxter Healthcare’s Illinois-based headquarters as well as its 115 facilities across 49 countries. This was followed by imaging tools development for the American major “nVidia”, followed by Medical Management applications for the 120 year old German-Japanese-American Process & Testing major, M/s. TUV Rheinland AG.

  • SRIT is the chosen brand for healthcare IT managed services.

  • Gartner Research Analysts from North America & Europe has completed their year-long study and analysis of “RHES” , SRIT’s mega suite, Renaissance Health Enterprise Suite.

We manage software and software implementation for about 5000 hospitals and health centres. Ongoing hospital implementations are Universal Hospitals Group, PGI-Lucknow, Birla Group of Multispecialty Hospitals, Sunrise and its 16 hospitals chain, IMH Hospitals, CARE Group of 15 Hospitals, Shalby’s 11 hospital chain, Evercare Group’s hospitals in Africa and Indian subcontinent, Hospitals in the MEA region for Kings College of Medicine London, and South African Mediclinic’s Hospitals in the MEA region. Among the state-wide, country-wide health system implementations that SRIT manages are the 103 hospitals and its 4000+ connected health centres; the 156 hospitals, 475 regional offices, and 1572 dispensaries for Govt of India ESIC, the Andhra Pradesh State’s YSR Health & Benefits Management System connecting about 940 hospitals.


  • CARE Group of 16 Hospitals chose to replace their existing HIS/HMS with SRIT’s next generation, mega suite Renaissance Health Enterprise Suite (RHES) at all its 16 multispecialty hospitals.

  • Publicly listed SHALBY Group of 11 Hospitals selected our “RHES” mega-suite for all their 11 hospitals.

  • CKB Group selected “RHES” for all their 15 Women specialty hospitals, in addition to their Calcutta Medical Research Institute Hospitals, Birla Heart Hospital & RBMH.

  • Evercare Group (majorly funded by TPG) chose “RHES” for implementing all their hospitals in India, Indian subcontinent countries and Africa.

  • London Kings College of Medicine Hospitals in the MEA region chose to go with SRIT’s “RHES” software solution.

  • Industrial conglomerate The Torrent Group chose “RHES” for its hospitals & clinical research initiatives.

  • SRIT in consortium with KPMG has begun re-engineering AP State YSR Healthcare’s end to end health systems software as well as their right-to-health and benefits management software connecting some 940 hospitals.

  • KPMG-SRIT consortium continue to software-manage West Bengal Health’s state-wide ERP including HIS-HMS for their 103 hospitals, 13 medical college hospitals - attached to these hospitals are ~4000 health-centres.

  • End to End software application management for ~1600 multi-disciplinary clinics.

  • Teleradiology & Medical Imaging for State of Karnataka. Connecting all district hospitals with the Bangalore Medical College (BMC).



Healthcare Information
Management System (HIMS)


Medical Image
Management System (MIMS)


Electronic Medical
Records (EMR)