Establishing a presence in over 21 different countries including the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa, our products and solutions have permeated each of our customer’s geographic range of operation. With most of our projects focused in the healthcare and enterprise eGovernance space, we have also participated in Data Analytics projects, solutions for utility, telecom, education and enterprise. Project functions have ranged from application development, managed IT provision and system integration.

Some of our current Projects

SRIT is currently implementing various multi million dollars eGov projects in partnership with other state and private entities. SRIT is also amongst the few select SI companies implementing various automation projects for the government of India along with eGov Foundation.

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CARE Group of 16 Hospitals chose to replace their existing HIS/HMS with SRIT’s next generation, mega suite Renaissance Health Enterprise Suite (RHES) at all its 16 multispecialty hospitals.

Publicly listed SHALBY Group of 11 Hospitals selected our “RHES” mega-suite for all their 11 hospitals.

CKB Group selected “RHES” for all their 15 Women specialty hospitals, in addition to their Calcutta Medical Research Institute Hospitals, Birla Heart Hospital & RBMH.

Evercare Group (majorly funded by TPG) chose “RHES” for implementing all their hospitals in India, Indian subcontinent countries and Africa.

London Kings College of Medicine Hospitals in the MEA region chose to go with SRIT’s “RHES” software solution.

Industrial conglomerate The Torrent Group chose “RHES” for its hospitals & clinical research initiatives.

SRIT in consortium with KPMG has begun re-engineering AP State YSR Healthcare’s end to end health systems software as well as their right-to-health and benefits management software connecting some 940 hospitals.

KPMG-SRIT consortium continue to software-manage West Bengal Health’s state-wide ERP including HIS-HMS for their 103 hospitals, 13 medical college hospitals - attached to these hospitals are ~4000 health-centres.

End to End software application management for ~1600 multi-disciplinary clinics.

Teleradiology & Medical Imaging for State of Karnataka. Connecting all district hospitals with the Bangalore Medical College (BMC).

Success Stories