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SRIT works as a managed service provider
with telecom giants to bring connectivity to
every corner of the nation.

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What are we solving?

Convergence is globally touted as a big achievement for the telecom industry. It means different things to different people. Some want to be connected yet have the ability to turn this connection on and off at will. Again others want technology that increases their efficiency and makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. Everyone wants to lower costs. End users have begun demanding the pay-as-you-go model, system security and good QOS. Our software solution offerings ensure these. As the market remains competitive and carriers attempt to differentiate, increase revenue and reduce churn, the move a converged world becomes more inevitable - primarily because of the service and improvements that it can make to the end user's life style.

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Managed Telecom Service Provider

Most businesses, especially multinationals, have difficulty finding and maintaining a resilient and comprehensive network solution from a single supplier because the network services market is so fragmented. Elements of the overall solution often have to be procured from competing network service providers (NSPs) or managed services providers (MSPs). It is increasingly appealing to outsource to a single MSP that will manage the network and associated voice and data infrastructure. This is what SRIT brings. Telecom at SRIT is a Carrier-Class Practice Group with several hundred man-years of telecom expertise, covering a wide range of technology & functional domains. Our products and solutions help communication companies around the world to transform and enrich their networks ensuring maximum returns.

Telecoms MSP

SRIT’s product suite RConverge and RConnect are deployed on long-term contracts for GoI national service providers such as BSNL (GSM) and RailTel Corporation (RailWire high-speed broadband services). While SRIT does the revenue, billing, partner, subscriber, operations, and network management at the national level for RailTel’s RailWire high-speed broadband service, SRIT does the Inter-Operator tariffing, rating, billing, customer-care, accounting, reconciliations, and settlement for the national telecoms service provider BSNL. The project scope includes facility management services too.

Success Stories


Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Railwire, SRIT’s R-Converge for RailTel
SRIT is the managed service provider for Railwire, an initiative by Railtel, a Government of India undertaking. SRIT helps Railwire realize its vision to deliver high speed broadband to every cable connected home in the country. Railwire has been successfully implemented in pilots in different parts of the country. Now Railwire adds a new feather to its cap as Railtel teams up with Google to deliver high speed internet to millions of passengers in Indian Railway stations.

SRIT’s Renaissance InterConnect for BSNL
SRIT’s Renaissance InterConnect (ICB) Software Suite has been operational at the Country’s national service provider BSNL since 2005. This ICB software generates, processes, validates, rates & bills ~4.5billion call data records (CDRs) within six hours every day of the year. SRIT keeps upgrading the software year on year, manages and maintains the software at BSNL. This software does the inter-operator tariffing, rating, billing, customer-care, accounting, administration, reconciliations and settlements.

Few of the Telecom Projects delivered by SRIT

As the Managed Service Provider for NICSI

  • Executing 28 software projects pan India

As the Managed Service Provider for RailTel

  • 4 Managed Service Provider Projects dealing with 3 Southern States and one Western State